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LOTRONIC-Lamp Workshop - maintains the tradition of the company named „Brass Lamp Manufacturers - “Z. M. Bobrzeccy”, which was established in 1963. Our activity extends within the scope of selection, design and production of old-style lighting, such as wall lights, light pendants, desk lamps and floor lamps – made either according to our own design or one provided by the Client.
We make single copies, sets and full series of lights. We can also offer our own proposals, many of which will undoubtedly suit your taste. Using traditional materials: brass, bronze, ceramics, alabaster, traditional glass, crystal or fabulously colourful Tiffany glass, we create lamps, custom made just for you - beautiful, exceptional, perfectly made, timeless masterpieces  containing all the skill and artistry of their craftsmen makers. Our lamps decorate a large number of fine private interiors, public offices and churches. The style of their design ranges from the medieval up to the modern times. When offering individual solutions, we always take into account your own tastes and preferences,
paying particular attention to retaining the spirit of the epoch of the interior they are to illuminate.
An important part of our activity is repair work and renovation. It is in our Workshop that your lamps will start a new life, regain their original splendour and brilliance.  We may reproduce an individual detail or the whole lamp. A component which we frequently apply is stained glass made using a technique developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. His classic lamp shades as well as other designs created in our Workshop decorate a large number of lamps. Tiffany style glass made to custom according to individual projects, is a unique decoration of doors, windows or ceilings in many an interior.
We have a vast experience based on long term tradition of lamp manufacturing, knowledge and skill of our staff, as well as our familiarity with a wide range of styles, designs and techniques used by lamp producers throughout the centuries. We highly appreciate our cooperation with architects, designers and conservation officers while selecting and designing old-style lighting for particular settings.